Watch this video before your Internship Consultation Call.


In this video, you’ll learn more about the internship hiring process including:

  • Your consultation video call and developing a game plan with TFAS staff.
  • The internship hiring process timeline and resources that are available to you.
  • What to do once you receive an offer!
The Consultation Call

This is where we get to know you – your background, your skills, your experience, your personality! We’ll also talk about what you’re interested in pursuing for your internship and we’ll outline options and set up a game plan based on your interests and experience, coupled with our expertise and knowledge. 

Sending Your Resume to Internship Sites
  • Internships in D.C. are extremely competitive! To maximize potential opportunities, we send your materials to multiple sites that best fit your skills and interests and the organization’s requirements.
  • There are also some internships that you may not qualify for if you lack certain skills, experience or education.
  • Keep an open mind! The best internship site for you may be somewhere you’ve never considered before.
How Long Does the Process Take?
  • While we try to find you an internship as quickly as possible, know it’s a multi-step process and internship sites have their own hiring timelines.
  • A typical hiring timeline happens over months, rather than weeks. 
  • If you are selected for an interview, we’ll contact you ahead of time and provide everything you need to prepare for the interview.
  • An interview is a promising first step but does not guarantee an internship offer.
  • Communication is key!
    • After the interview, we will update you as soon as we hear from various offices.
    • Be prepared to let us know how interviews go, if you are applying for positions independently and if any job offers are made to you directly.
The Internship Offer
  • After an offer has been extended to you, connect with us so we can assess the position and the next steps.
  • Never decline an offer without speaking with us first.
  • Once we determine that a position is a good fit for your interests and experience level, we’ll move to confirm the internship placement.
Action Items
  • Please make any final updates to your resume and proofread it one last time.
  • Review our cover letter template.
  • Be prepared to ask for a Letter of Recommendation.
  • Decide which writing sample you would like to send to sites.