The experience, knowledge and contacts you will gain through The Fund for American Studies programs will be valuable assets, and can increase your earning potential in the job market.

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An Unmatched Value

No other Washington program offers so much value for the cost. Our comprehensive program includes academic credit, furnished housing in downtown Washington, DC, an internship placement, professional development seminars, a guest lecture series, exclusive briefings at key Washington institutions as well as access to a network of fellow participants from around the world. As a nonprofit organization, TFAS is able to offer this comprehensive program at a great value, thanks to the generosity of its donors. Please see the tabs to the left for specific program costs and scholarship opportunities.

Alternative Funding Opportunities

While we provide scholarship funding to over 70% of applicants; you will be responsible for financing your remaining tuition balance. We encourage you to begin thinking about funding sources early in the application process. It is important to begin taking these first steps early as seeking additional funding opportunities can take some time.

We encourage you to take the following steps during the application process:

  • Talk with your parents, guardians and other family members about their ability to contribute to your participation in the program.
  • Research scholarship opportunities on your campus and in your community, including the honors college, academic departments or other offices that offer scholarships for enrichment programs. Community organizations such as the Rotary Club and churches often assist students in financing their DC experience.
  • Meet with the financial aid office at your home university to discuss the possibility of transferring any federal aid to summer study. Aid may be transferred through a consortium agreement. A consortium agreement is a form which allows one academic institution to verify the credit hours and costs of another academic program before a transfer of funds can occur.
  • Research private educational loans.

Your TFAS admissions counselor will also serve as your financial counselor as you research additional funding opportunities. Questions regarding consortium agreements, transferring aid and applying for educational loans may be directed to these staff members. You can also send your specific questions to

Tuition Payment

If money is to be disbursed from a third party, including the home university or lending institution, after the tuition deadline, documentation must be submitted to TFAS no later than the deadline date. This documentation must include date of disbursement, amount of disbursement and to whom the funding will be sent.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the money is sent to The Fund for American Studies at the designated time. At the scheduled time of disbursement, students must verify that payment was received by The Fund for American Studies.

Costs and Scholarships

Please click here for details on Costs and Scholarships for the Summer Programs.
Please click here for details on Costs and Scholarships for the Fall and Spring Semester Programs.
Please click here for Costs and Scholarships for the Legal Studies Institute for Law Students.
Please click here for information on the full scholarships available through the Leadership Scholars Program.