TFAS Spotlight – Jack Wilson ’18

Get to know Business + Government Relations program track alumnus Jack Wilson ’18.

Jack Wilson ’18

Hometown: Phoenix

Internship: RIA Mainstreet

College: Northern Arizona University

What was the most interesting thing you did at your internship?

During my internship at Rhode Island Avenue NE Main Street, an organization working toward the redevelopment of Washington, D.C. business districts, I was conducting market research to analyze the economic potential of the Rhode Island Avenue neighborhood I was working in. It was nice to finally apply lessons I learned in a classroom setting, namely economic lessons, and use them for real-world applications.

What did you like most about living in Washington, DC?

The energy in D.C.! I came to realize how different life is on the East Coast. Many people living in the area shared the same passion for politics as I did, so I already felt like I found a new home in only two-months.

How did you grow professionally during your time in Washington, DC?

TFAS students visiting George Washington’s Mount Vernon in 2018.

Working in Washington, D.C. this summer helped me build my professional network immensely. I worked with a wide variety of professionals in dozens of different fields. Most notably, I gained a great contact through the TFAS Mentor Program.

What was your favorite TFAS event?

My favorite TFAS sponsored event was visiting Mount Vernon. The scenery and history within the area was very powerful. I would recommend everybody to visit there if they get the chance.

What advice do you have for future TFAS students?

I would advise any student considering the program to realize how rewarding it is. Despite only being eight weeks in length, my life was transformed for the better through TFAS. If you decide to do this program, attend every optional social event and network as much as possible. The connections you make during the summer will last you for a lifetime.