Placement Process


November/December of each year

TFAS starts recruiting internship sites in November for hosting interns during the next calendar year. In order for your organization to be considered, we ask that you fill out an Intern Request Form. This form gives you the opportunity to outline the position, describe your organization, and list the qualifications that you are looking for in an intern, whether that be clerical experience, foreign language abilities, or citizenship requirements. In addition to identifying the skills needed, you can indicate what materials you would like to view from each applicant, including resumes, transcripts, writing samples, and letters of recommendation.

Up to five months before the start of the program

As students enroll in the program, they will fill out an Internship Questionnaire outlining their internship interests and abilities. We use this information along with their resume to find an internship that will be the best fit for the student and for your organization. When we find a strong match for your office, we will send you the student’s materials for evaluation.

  • Receive and Evaluate Student Materials
    We ask that you evaluate the student within one week of receiving their materials to let us know if you have any interest in conducting an interview. You will have access to student resumes, transcripts, writing samples, and letters of recommendation. If you don’t think the student is a good fit after reviewing their materials, let us know and we will send you another student’s materials.
  • Phone Interview (if desired)
    Most sites we work with choose to conduct an interview once they find a student they like on paper. We ask that you let us know you will be interviewing the student so we can give them advance notice of your phone call or email. Once the interview is complete, check back in and let us know if you’d like to host the student. If, at that time, you’d like to move on to another candidate, we are happy to run through our student files again to find a stronger fit.

So you’ve interviewed your student and determined that they are the right person for the job- great! Let us know and we will follow up with the student to confirm the internship offer. Once the student has accepted, you’re all set and ready to host your TFAS intern. We will confirm their start and end dates, and provide a general weekly schedule so you can begin to plan projects for their arrival.

We encourage you to speak with your intern prior to their start date about directions to the office and dress code.

Give Us a Call

Even though the placement process relies heavily on email communication, we are always available by phone to answer any questions. We find that talking through the needs and desires of internship sites is sometimes the easiest way for everyone to be on the same page. Call any time to speak about your internship needs!

I was impressed overall with the placement process – it moved swiftly, provided me with all the information I needed and resulted in an excellent match.

Dana Richter, National Breast Cancer Coalition

I cannot say enough good things about this program or the quality of the students it places. Our intern’s presence in the organization was widely felt and her assistance has been invaluable to us this summer.

Thelma Hines, Iona Senior Services