Meet Our Program Advisors: Tiffanie Oduber ’20

By: Tiffanie Oduber ’20, Program Advisor – Journalism + Communications

I was born and raised in Aruba and got my degree in International communication and media with a specialization in political communication at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I attended the Capital Semester program and have been living in D.C. ever since! I will be pursuing a graduate degree in international relations at Johns Hopkins University this fall. I’m a small island girl who wants to make big worldwide changes.

Life in D.C. is truly like living in a bubble. You get to experience politics, culture, art, people, and cuisines first-hand. Touring the Capitol and having a picnic near the mall is an experience not many people can have and it was spectacular being able to say that I have done that.

TFAS offered me a selection of amazing classes. Economic Policy is a course I would have never thought to take, yet it was by far my favorite class of all time. Having a professor like Dr. Bradley is truly what makes the class experience worthwhile. The guest lectures that TFAS provides are always insightful. It’s not every day you get to ask questions of a Foreign Service Officer!

Not only did I gain all that experience but also managed to professionally grow during the program. Having the opportunity to intern at global, a public relations firm, was amazing and very much a new experience for me. Participating in a hybrid internship was a surprisingly wonderful experience. The hybrid nature did not stop me from learning new things and meeting new people.

Most importantly, the opportunities that TFAS provides to network and expand your social web are unmatched. You’ll learn how to connect with professional contacts and make connections with people you who you will call lifelong friends.

For me, the best part of TFAS was experiencing it with people who are just as driven as you. You create such beautiful and long-lasting relationships, you’ll be so surprised!

During my time last fall, we were a small group who were all so different and yet, we could never be apart. We would argue, laugh, and take care of one another. Even today, we are pushing each other to be the best we can be and it’s all because TFAS introduced us to each other.

The connections I made during my semester with TFAS are what made the whole experience one for the books! I’m thankful every day for my time with TFAS and you will be too!

Follow my adventures in Washington, D.C. on Instagram @dcjournalism.

Program Advisors, informally known as PAs, are recent TFAS alumni who live in student housing and help current students navigate the program and Washington, D.C. during the summer.