Jenny Hudson ’19 Reflects On her Summer in the City

As a Business Economics and International Relations double major, I spent my first three years at Wheaton College learning about important policy and government issues alongside classes focused around international economics. Participating in TFAS the summer after my junior year provided me with the opportunity to study my two greatest passions, economics and policy, in the city where these principles come to life. 

I interned at a university-based research center for economic policy, called the Mercatus Center. Here, I was given ample opportunity to take on challenges of improving business operations, engaging in program budgeting, and pursuing research with different subject experts. The most formative part of my internship was the relationships I was able to form while working there. Every week, I went to coffee with different researchers who were experts in their policy subject area. As a result, I learned abundantly about all areas of economic policy. My job was to be a sponge, and I have come out of the internship with a much stronger understanding of the nuances in significant U.S. economic policy issues.

Jenny Hudson interned at the Mercatus Center, a university-based think tank.

Outside of my internship, I also had ample opportunity to network.

“Already as I’ve headed back to my senior year at Wheaton, the connections I formed over the summer have proven to be essential as I begin my job search. “

D.C. is full of people generous with their time and overflowing with passion for the work they do. As a result, simply living in D.C. and having the opportunity to meet and form relationships with professionals at TFAS-sponsored event and other outside activities proved to be by far the most valuable part of my experience with TFAS.

I also unexpectedly formed some cherished friendships.

“Living and taking classes with the same people every day, you inevitably form relationships quickly. Even better, these people you’re meeting have similar ambitions, drive, and passion. “

It’s hard not to love the people at TFAS. I have without a doubt met some lifelong friends from my summer at TFAS and will not forget the incredible adventures I had in DC with a group of very special people.

Overall, this summer made me a more confident person. I know for certain that I will return to DC soon, and I am no longer intimidated by the process of finding a job in D.C. After this summer, I have a solid understanding of how to build connections, form relationships, and pursue opportunities in our nation’s capital. This summer proved to me the most formative time of my life, and I can give nothing but thanks to TFAS.