Get Ready to Shine: Using the STAR Method to Highlight Your Qualifications

The STAR Method is like a superpower for your internship interviews and applications. It helps you clearly and effectively communicate your skills and experiences in a way that’s easy for the hiring manager to understand. Basically, it’s a way to turn ordinary experiences into something super impressive. This method allows you to provide specific examples of your skills and abilities. It’s basically like showing off your resume in action, and who doesn’t love a good showcase?

Here’s how to use the STAR method in internship interviews and applications: 


Start by providing the context or background for the experience you are discussing. This could be a specific project or task you worked on, or a problem you were trying to solve. 

During my internship on Capitol Hill, I was tasked with assisting the legislative team with research and analysis on a variety of policy issues.


Explain the task you were responsible for and the goals you were working toward.

One of the specific tasks I was responsible for was researching and compiling information on the potential impact of proposed changes to the healthcare system.


Provide concrete examples of the steps you took to complete the task.

To complete this task, I utilized a variety of resources including online databases, academic journals and industry reports. I also reached out to experts in the field to gather additional insights and perspectives.


Discuss the outcome or result of your efforts. This could include any accomplishments, successes or lessons learned as a result of your actions. 

As a result of my research, I was able to provide the legislative team with a comprehensive analysis of the potential impacts of the proposed changes on various stakeholders, including healthcare providers, patients and policymakers. This analysis was ultimately used to inform the team’s positions and recommendations on the issue.

Here is an example of how to use the STAR method on your resume:

Development Intern, GreenHope, Washington, D.C. (June-September 2020)

  • Managed the organization’s fundraising efforts, including developing and implementing a fundraising strategy, identifying and cultivating relationships with potential donors, and coordinating and managing fundraising events as a member of the fundraising team
  • Successfully secured funding for the NGO’s programs and projects, and gained valuable experience in fundraising and developed strong communication and relationship-building skills

By applying the STAR technique, you can effectively showcase your accomplishments and strengths to the employer, highlighting how you can be a valuable asset to the team.