Capital Semester Students Experience “Where Women Made History” Through Woodrow Wilson House Tour

As the United States celebrates the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage this year, museums across the nation’s capital are paying homage to the dedicated suffragists who made a lasting impact on American democracy. TFAS Fall Capital Semester students recognized this important moment in history earlier this month, with a visit to The President Woodrow Wilson House in Washington, D.C.’s historic Kalorama neighborhood. Due to restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the Wilson House has created a “Suffrage Outside” tour, which highlights major milestones of the women’s suffrage movement through a curated outdoor exhibition.

TFAS Fall Capital Semester students enjoyed a “Suffrage Outside” tour at The President Woodrow Wilson House earlier this month.

TFAS student Tiffanie Oduber ’20 feels that exhibits like “Suffrage Outside” help to highlight the important progress women in America have made over the last century.

“My favorite part of the exhibit was recognizing the development of the place women have held in society,” Oduber said. “From where we were to where we are now, it is something to really be proud of.”

TFAS student Nina Oeberg ’20 explored the display of major milestones from the women’s suffrage movement.

Despite programming changes made to align with D.C.’s COVID-19 policies, TFAS students have the opportunity to experience American history through museum exhibitions, guided tours and virtual site briefings. Oduber shared that these organized events have made the program feel more like a typical Washington, D.C. experience during a time where many activities are limited.

“Not only do these tours broaden my knowledge on new subjects, but they also create awareness,” Oduber said.

Later this month, the TFAS Fall Capital Semester program participants will attend a guest lecture on covering the presidential election with Alexandra Jaffe ’10, National Political Reporter for the Associated Press.