Alumni Roundtable Helps Students Grow Their Networks

Capital Semester on Leadership + the American Presidency students have had many opportunities this fall to develop leadership skills and gain professional experience through internships, guest lectures, educational field trips and coursework. However, some of their most impactful lessons have come from those who once stood in their shoes.

The most valuable part of the alumni dinner was being surrounded by people who were in my shoes not that long ago. It was comforting and helpful to hear from people that understand my position and thought process as an intern who is trying to learn and identify my career path.”

Rediet Degefa ’19

Successful D.C. alumni returned to TFAS Headquarters on Oct. 23 to share their career advice and networking tips during the TFAS Alumni Roundtable.

Capital Semester students await the roundtable discussions.

From U.S. Congress to government affairs organizations, TFAS alumni continue to make their mark not only in the D.C. professional world, but across the globe. Many alumni say TFAS gave them the necessary relationship-building skills to develop a network with potential employers.

“I ended up with the job I currently have at Stateside Associates thanks to TFAS,” said Edgar Velasco ’18. “What TFAS does for you is not just about taking a class or getting a job. It’s about allowing you to connect with people who are resources and allowing you to be a resource of value to them.”

Capital Semester students enjoyed learning about how TFAS impacted the professional growth of each alumnus. Many found the discussion an encouraging reminder that these established young professionals were once TFAS students as well.

Thank you to our generous alumni who volunteered to lead roundtable discussions this fall. Our programs would not be possible without your valuable time and expertise.