Don’t Worry, You’ll Be able to Navigate D.C. Too

Aedan Hickey (far right) visiting the British Embassy.

Aedan Hickey came to the Nation’s Capitol last summer from Sioux City, IA. Hickey is an accounting major at Briar Cliff University. This summer he interned at Rio Tinto’s government affairs office. This was a tremendous experience for him. Rio Tinto is the third largest mining corporation in the world with a revenue of more than $45 billion. Getting to interact with the staff and directors here in DC was an invaluable opportunity for Hickey.

In addition to attending embassy and state department briefings, students were also given the chance to participate in dynamic guest lecturers on a weekly basis. This was able to broaden their network and provided them with once in a lifetime educational opportunities.

“My favorite part of the program was the events TFAS held. They had so many great opportunities.”

One of the things that surprised Aedan the most about DC was how easy it was to get around the city.

“When I first arrived in DC I was very nervous about navigating the city. After about a week or two it was super easy and I was even able to give people directions. If you are nervous about doing a program like TFAS, just do it. I was very nervous when I started and those nerves left right when I got there. TFAS takes care of you and helps you throughout the whole summer giving you guidance on what to do. It is a great experience.”