Full-Scholarship for Polish Citizen

The full scholarship to participate in The Fund for American Studies Academic Internship Program is available through a scholarship named in honor of Ignacy Jan Paderewski and General Edward Rowny. It includes housing, tuition, travel to the United States, health insurance premium and a living stipend.


Ignacy Jan Paderewski (1860 – 1941) was a Polish pianist and politician. It was his musical fame that gained his access to the world of politics.

General Edward Rowny (1917 – 2017) was a United States Army Lieutenant General of Polish descent. He was raised by his Polish grandmother who introduced him to the music of Ignancy Jan Paderewski.

Eligibility + Deadlines

Interested Polish citizens must be 18 years old and have completed one year of university-level coursework. Candidates must complete an application by December 7, 2021.

To apply for the Viksnins Scholarship, fill out the online application, upload your resume and request your official transcript be sent to TFAS. 

Please note the $25 application fee is waived for Rowny Paderwski Scholarship applicants, please select “check” from the Payment Type menu on the online application.

What’s Included?
Students at the Department of State.
Summer 2019 Scholarship Recipient Aleksandra Wojtowicz (right) attends a briefing at the U.S. State Department.

Recipients will receive a full tuition and housing scholarship to participate in the Summer 2020 Academic Internship Program

Program Components Include:

  • An internship placement in with an international NGO, policy group, think tank, media outlet or business.
  • Coursework in economics and government worth 6 credits from George Mason University and designed to complement your real-word experience.
  • Guest lectures featuring prominent policy and economics experts.
  • Networking through career-focused panels and small group discussions led by professionals working in a variety of fields and industries. 
Applicable Program Tracks Additional Benefits
Public Policy + Economics Travel from Poland to United States ($800)
International Affairs Health Insurance Premium
Journalism + Communications Living Expenses Allowance ($1,600)

“My internship have me the unique opportunity to understand how D.C. works – from Capitol Hill, to think thanks and NGOs – they are all connected in their work towards better public policy.”

Aleksandra Wojtowicz , University of Warsaw
Intern, E-Collaborative for Civic Education
Helpful Resources

Please contact Melissa Grannetino at mgrannetino@tfas.org with specific questions. For more information regarding International applicants, visit our Admissions page.

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