Khanh Do’s Journey South

Khanh Do came to TFAS from St. Thomas University in New Brunswick, Canada. Do is a business major with a political science minor. During her time in DC, Khanh interned at Ford Motor Company in their government relations office.

Khanh Do (center) at Ford’s government relations office.

“I love how I got to assist my supervisor advocating for policies that can have a meaningful impact to the automotive industry and are pertinent to the future of mobility like autonomous vehicles, dockless scooters or electric cars. Everything about the job is absolutely amazing, but for me, the best part is when a particular project that I worked on can hit the headlines and became a hot topic!”

In addition to interning at Ford, Do was also busying studying for her Ethics and Leadership summer course through George Mason University. Through interactive class activities, students in that course learned about ethical values and crucial leadership skills. Although her schedule was busy, she enjoyed the challenge of juggling the class responsibilities with her full time internship.

“I have become so much more certain of what I’m passionate about” she says. “Even though I’ve always knew that Business and Government Relations is my preferred area, the summer with TFAS helped me figure out how my passion can actually translate into a professional position and outlook.”