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Why should a student come to D.C. to intern? It’s a city full of smart, young professionals. It’s a place where fairs, markets and free cultural and social events are at your fingertips. It’s an international city with people and perspectives from all over the world. See why interning in Washington, D.C. could be the best decision you’ll ever make.
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The Location

What’s so great about D.C.? It’s a small city in size, with big city opportunities, diversity and events. The National Mall and nearby parks and rivers provide great opportunities for outdoor fun, including kayaking, hiking or simply enjoying the greenery while studying outdoors. It also boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the country, making it an ideal location for young professionals looking for work.
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The Experience

What makes the D.C. internship experience so special? Young people interning in Washington are already working in the real world. Through their internships on Capitol Hill, at lobbying firms, news outlets, nonprofits and other organizations, D.C. interns are getting hands-on experience and a high degree of professional knowledge and confidence that puts them a step above the rest.
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The Connections

Why are connections so important? Professional networks are key to landing that perfect job following graduation, and D.C. is the place to make those connections happen. Relationships are important in D.C. It’s a community of experienced individuals from all over the world who are willing to connect and share ideas. The friendships you build in Washington can create a support system that will guide you through your professional future.
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Alumni Stories

Cecily’s Story

Cecily from San Jose, Calif. says young people can advance their careers more rapidly in DC than any other city. See how she leveraged her D.C. internship experience to build a career in Washington.

Cori’s Story

Cori from Kenosha, Wisc. tells us how her summer internship in Washington, D.C. provided her with valuable connections for the future. Learn how those connections continue to help her today.

Davor’s Story

Davor from Croatia is an analyst for the World Bank, but he got his start as an intern in Washington, D.C. See how he used those early internship experiences to launch a successful career.

Emily’s Story

Emily from Kalamazoo, Mich. says one of her favorite things about D.C. is all of the free activities and events available to interns. See how she is able to enjoy the district on an intern’s budget.

Jessica’s Story

Why Intern in D.C.? Jessica from Los Angeles, Calif. explains why she chose to come to Washington, D.C. for her internship experience. See how her newfound confidence and independence reaffirmed her decision to come to Washington.

Lauren’s Story

Lauren, a seventh generation Texan, always assumed that after college she would end up back in Texas. However, after interning in D.C. she caught the bug and found herself wanting to come back to the district. See why Lauren says she just couldn’t stay away.

Leah’s Story

Leah from Orange County, Calif. came to D.C. to gain experience in the environmental field. See how Leah’s time in Washington has helped her achieve hands on experience and why she’s happy she chose D.C. as the city to pursue her goals.

Molly & Kerri’s Story

Midwest girls Molly and Kerri came to D.C. to pursue internships in communications. See how the experience broadened their horizons and provided real life experiences that paved the way toward a professional career and lifelong friendships.

Roy’s Story

Roy from Lebanon calls D.C. the place to be to build connections and achieve your dreams and goals. See how his D.C. internship experience led him to a full time job.

Charise’s Story

Charise from Rochester, N.Y. is a law student who discovered her passion for the legislative process during her D.C. internship experience. See why she says interning in the district is both intellectually stimulating and a great time.

Cost Calculator


We've included national averages, but you can customize the numbers according to your situation.
Semester in DC with TFAS
Study Abroadin France
Semester At Your University

Semester At Your University
Study Abroadin France*
Semester in DC
Tuition $20,000 $18,540 $11,900  
Room & Board $20,000 Included $3,000  
Airfair N/A $1,000 $300  
Passport Fee N/A $165 N/A  
Student ID Card N/A $25 N/A  
Books $20,000 $300 $200  
Food $20,000 $2,000 $1,500  
Personal $20,000 $1,000 $750  
SUBTOTAL $20,000 $23,030 $17,650  
Sweet! It's $650 less to do an internship in DC!
First Year
N/A N/A $10,700** ?
TOTAL $20,000 $15,000 $6,950  
*These numbers are based on the average costs for study abroad programs in France, according to CEA Global Eduction.

Get Started

So you’ve decided that you want to intern in Washington, DC? Great!

The Fund for American Studies is a nonprofit educational organization based in DC that offers comprehensive programs that will provide you with the experience of a lifetime in the nation’s capital! We invite you to you to LIVE. LEARN. INTERN. by participating in one of our six undergraduate institutes or our program for first and second year law students.

All of our programs include a guaranteed internship placement, courses for transferable credit, housing furnished apartments in the heart of DC, guest lectures and panel discussions, briefings at key Washington institutions, professional development seminars and networking opportunities, and planed social events with other program participants.